Tuition 2016/2017

Details Fees (RM)
Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable upon submission of the Application Form 
Registration Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable ‘once-only’ upon receipt of the Letter of Offer.
Registration fee is waived for past students who re-enrol within 3 years of last withdrawal date. 
Early Years 
Upon entering Year 1, an additional Registration Fee of RM10,000 is applicable 
Years 1-13 20,000
An equivalent of one term's tuition fee is required as deposit. The amount is to be topped up as tuition fees increases according to year level. It is refundable provided one term’s written notice of withdrawal is given. The said notice must be received and acknowledged by the School on or prior to the commencement of the term the student will be withdrawn. 
See Tuition Fee

Technology Fee
Per Term
Tuition Fee
Per Term (RM)

Total School Fee
Per Year
Nursery (RM 12,741) 250

Reception (RM 13,292) 250 13,292 40,626
Year 1, 2 (RM 15,010) 400 15,010 46,230
Year 3, 4 (RM 17,289) 400 17,289 53,067
Year 5, 6 (RM 17,766) 400 17,766 54,498
Year 7, 8, 9 (RM 20,538) 450 20,538 62,964
Year 10, 11 (RM 23,140) 450 23,140 70,770
Year 12, 13 (RM 24,682) 450 24,682 75,396

  • Tuition Fee and Technology Fee are invoiced per term and are payable upon commencement of each term (3 terms per academic year). 
  • The tuition fees includes curriculum day trips. Cost of textbooks, uniform and overnight trips are excluded from the above tuition fees. 
  • Payment by cheque or bank draft should be made to Nexus International School Malaysia. 
  • Siblings are entitled to a discount on the Registration Fee. It is only applicable to siblings who are still studying in the school. A sibling is defined as a legal brother or sister of a child enrolled in the school. 
    • 1st sibling (2nd born) at 10%.
    • 2nd sibling (3rd born) at 20%.
    • 3rd and subsequent siblings (4th born onwards) at 30%. 
  • Siblings are entitled to a discount on tuition fees. It is only applicable to siblings who are still studying in the school - 1st and subsequent siblings (2nd born onwards) at 5%. 
  • Students are entitled to a 3% discount on the tuition fees for Term 2 and Term 3 2016-2017, if the annual tuition fees (Term 1, 2 and 3) are paid in one lump sum on or before 22 August 2016. 
Note: The above fees are for admissions in academic year August 2016 to July 2017 only.

Loan facilities for fee payment are available from HSBC. Please enquire for more information.