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Nexus go to Malaysian Art Expo 2016

Nov 4, 2016
This year the learners found art works  and artists representing different parts of the world, and most of the art work was from South East Asia.  The learners were asked to fill in worksheets that encouraged them to communicate to the artists that were exhibiting their own art work. Many learners managed to speak directly to the artists, and got the chance to learn more about current art work styles, concepts and techniques, as well as receiving feedback about their own drawings in their sketch books.
With all this extra research, the learners can now use this material to deliver current  and contemporary ideas into their portfolios, where they can comment on cultural and historical aspects of art work that link to their own themes.

Year 10 are communicating with Venezuelan artist about the nature of his artwork and ideas. They discovered that he liked to draw and paint directly from his feelings. That visually expressing his emotions in his artwork was the key to the narratives behind his images. This, conceptually links his work to romanticism, a movement in literature and the fine arts, beginning in the early nineteenth century, that stressed personal emotion, free play of the imagination, and freedom from rules of form. 

Jinn from Year 13 is documenting art work by Ting-Tong Chang, called ‘Saatchi Horror Story’ created in 2015 with ink on paper. Below is a picture of the art work and a quick sketch that Jinn made to record the visual and also to jot down information concerning the art work. Jinn discovered that most of Ting-Tong Chang’s artwork appears to be a critique of art and the institution of the art world. Here the work is about a story of an art critic who was stabbed in an art gallery with an actual art piece as the primary weapon. Jinn can then use this contemporary work to connect and link to her own ideas, about how serious incidents or topics, can be trivialised and how they can be made comical through the vehicle of art.