Boarding Free Trial

Get a taste of the Boarding experience by signing up for our Boarding Taster Day.
Boarding at an international school is a rewarding and unique experience and Nexus Boarding House would like to offer learners the opportunity to experience it first-hand. During this time, learners will live in the boarding house alongside fellow boarders and follow the daily routines and schedules set for them. This will give learners a glimpse of an independent and fun yet responsible lifestyle that will bode will for them. Don't let this opportunity go to waste; register now and leave the rest to us!

How it works
  • The free trial is designed to provide a first-hand experience to interested learners who are strongly considering boarding at Nexus.
  • The learner will have an opportunity to live in the boarding house and utilise the facilities that are available.
  • The learner will also follow the daily schedules and routines like other boarders.
Daily schedule
Time Activity Time Activity
7.00AM Wake up 6.00PM Dinner
7.30AM Breakfast 6.45PM Study time
8.30AM Leave for school 8.15PM Evening activities
3.10PM Return from school 9.30PM Lights out (Y5 - Y9)
3.20PM After school activities 10.00PM Lights out (Y10 & Y11)
5.30PM Prepare for dinner After 10.00PM Lights out (Y12 & Y13)

Who can apply
  • Learners who are 10 years old and above may apply.
  • The free trial is open only to interested learners who are strongly considering boarding at Nexus. It is also open to current Nexus learners who are interested to enrol as boarders.
  • Current and former boarders may not apply for the free trial.

How to apply
  • Please read through the terms & conditions of the Boarding Free Trial here. Thereafter, please fill in the application form here.
  • Upon application, you will receive a confirmation call from Nexus Boarding House within 5-working days from your application date.
We hope to see you soon!
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