Primary Overview

We use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as our main tool to help learners to achieve their maximum potential. The IPC is an international, up-to-date, comprehensive and future-oriented curriculum programme aimed at Reception to Year 6 learners growing up in the 21st Century. It nurtures a love of learning and encourages key skills, competencies, and habits of minds.

The curriculum has a few fundamental beliefs:
  1. Learning is about making connections and we ensure that all learners are given the opportunity to see the ‘Big Picture’.
  2. Relaxed alertness, not stress, is the best state for learning.
  3. Every learner has a portfolio of intelligence and it is our job to discover in which ways each learner is ‘smart’
  4. Children and adults access learning in different ways: A child may learn best through seeing, hearing or through doing.
  5. Time needs to be created for complex thinking time - “slow thinking” time.
  6. Good health is important for effective learning.
The IPC programme has an inquiry-based, thematic approach to the curriculum, which encourages the learning of subjects through a central idea. This provides excellent opportunities for learners to make meaningful  connections and form new knowledge with deep understanding. We also reference the UK National Curriculum and supplement the Maths learning goals where we feel it is necessary.

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