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Find out more about our international-minded learners at Nexus International School Malaysia. Our learners are taught how to make a difference and solve real-world problems through our Outdoor education (for Primary), Creativity, Activity and Service component of the IBDP Programme, incorporation of the SDGs into classroom lessons as well as a wide range of Co-curricular activities.



Our Primary learners are provided with global opportunities right from the start. One such opportunity is the chance to host and participate in the Children’s Global Summit with more than 20 participating countries. Nexus learners have hosted and spoken on a wide variety of topics ranging from diversity, kindness and how they overcame the challenges during the pandemic and more.

Adam and Hala, are two passionate learners who have demonstrated through their work in school, a desire to make a difference in sustainability. This has helped them build confidence, communicate their ideas more clearly, develop global citizenship and even understand how an online event is organised.


Our Secondary learners are given the opportunity to work with others in many different activities. One of the key highlights is our student-led annual Nexus Model United Nations (NISMUN) where our learners organise physical and virtual events for participants from more than 130 countries. The conference drives the entrepreneurial spirit of learners by getting them involved in advertising & design, web development, event organisation, communication, stakeholder engagement and much more, tailored towards a global audience.

Emma and Gerard, are two learners who have benefitted from being in the NISMUN committee, and in this process, improved their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

Our IB Diploma Programme through its Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) component also provides opportunities for learners to go beyond academics and contribute towards a bigger cause.

Khoo, who is a Nexus alumni, is currently with Duke University having won the Karsh Scholarship for his social citizenship. He continues to make a global impact through a project he leads as a Co-Founder which connects tech talents in the US with changemakers in Southeast Asia to bridge the digital divide.

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