What is Middle School Programme (MSP)?

The Middle School Curriculum has been designed specifically to create a seamless learning journey from Primary to upper Secondary.

It further develops the educational philosophy established in our Primary School, with a learning programme based on specialised subject disciplines. The curriculum is taught around ensuring children have the foundational knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next steps in learning, whilst acknowledging the need for them to continue developing personal skills in communication, self-management, social, thinking and research. As learners progress through Years 7 to 9, they become self-motivated and enquiring learners, ready to take on the challenges of the IGCSE examination courses and subsequently, the IB Diploma.

At NISM each unit of work follows a clear and systematic learning journey. Learners are taught the importance of focussing on learning and improvement, rather than on outcomes, and teachers are encouraged to use research-informed practice in their subject planning and delivery. As a result, the learning activities are varied and allow the learners to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding and demonstrate their learning in different forms. Throughout the units of study, learners undertake a range of formative and summative assessments which inform teacher planning and learner progress, allowing learners to frequently reflect on what they are learning and set appropriate targets for development.
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