Assessing Learning

Assessment is an important component of learning at NISM as they allow teachers and learners to personalise and improve learning. In each unit our teachers employ a wide range of assessments.
  • Frequent Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques give feedback to both learners and teachers, allowing them to adjust their learning or teaching strategies towards specific learning goals.
  • Assessment of Learning (AoL), or common, assessments are tasks or activities are completed by the learner to demonstrate their understanding, skills and/or knowledge at the end of a learning cycle. There may be several of these during a unit.
To develop independent learners who can actively engage in their own learning, the quality of the feedback and learning advice is crucial. At NISM feedback is related to clear assessment rubrics that allow the identification of next steps.

As a school we also use external assessments to allow for benchmarking and comparison with other international schools. Every 2 years learners take the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT 4) which is used to formulate the forecast grades and gives a good indication of the learner’s ability
and how they learn best. To enable us to assess the learners against an age standardised average and compare year on year progress each year all learners take the Progress Tests in English (PTE), Progress Tests in Maths (PTM) and Progress Tests in Science (PTS).

Approaches to Learning (ATLs)

ATLs are a set of practical skills, attitudes and strategies, that are the foundation for independent learning. They support the Nexus belief that a large influence on a learner’s education and progress is not only what you learn, but also how you learn.

Nexus Learners are developing their:
  • Self Management
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Thinking
  • Research
ATLS can be learned and taught, improved with practice and developed incrementally. They are explicitly planned for and taught by teachers, through the individual subjects and through our CORE programme.
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