Middle School Programme
The Nexus Middle School Programme (MSP) was developed to bridge the gap between the IPC and IGCSE to ensure continuity and a seamless learning journey from Primary to upper Secondary.
Why study MSP @ Nexus?

The NMSP curriculum is taught around ‘Big Ideas’ or concepts, designed to challenge learners to make connections, think independently and critically, and apply knowledge to real life situations. Learners progress in this curriculum to become self-motivated and enquiring learners, ready for the IGCSE examinations.

What is MSP
Nexus very own curriculum designed as a smooth transition between Primary (IPC) and upper secondary (IGCSE).

Subject Information
Find out more about the subjects available in the Middle School curriculum.

Assessing Learning
Assessment is an important component of learning as they allow teachers and learners to personalise and improve learning.

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