Opened in October 2011, the Nexus Boarding House is home to over 60 boarders from New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Australia, UK, Korea, India, Japan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Nexus Boarding provides learners with a supportive community, multicultural environment, and balanced programme that aims to nurture boarders to be independent and respectful of others.

At Nexus Boarding House, learners are given the freedom and space to excel and gain life skills that will hold them in good stead. So, wait no more; apply now to discover your room to grow!
More than a place to stay

Nexus Boarding House is a small, close-knit community of not more than 110 boarders from diverse countries such as Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Australia, UK, Korea, India, Japan and Bangladesh. Nexus Boarding provides learners with a supportive environment and a diverse programme of activities, pastoral care and academic support. The boarding house has its own Director of Boarding as well as a Matron and Houseparents who live on-site within the boarding house to ensure the safety and pastoral care of the boarders.
More life experiences, more life skills

We believe that a complete education must include creative, physical and moral lessons.

We believe that a complete education must include creative, physical and moral lessons. That is why the life experiences at Nexus Boarding House serve as a platform for personal growth and discovery.

Each day is filled with activities to help a boarder naturally develop life skills such as independence, responsibility and teamwork as well as social and problem-solving skills. At the same time, boarders will go on to form enduring friendships with like-minded individuals, all in a safe and caring environment.

Boarders’ experiences include:
  • After-school activities that include playing in a sports team, helping as a team manager or joining the School Council
  • Weekend activities such as bowling, sailing, bike riding and go-karting 
  • Peer-to-peer camaraderie including baking a cake for a friend’s birthday or helping with homework 
  • After-school activities which include representing the school in sports, music or debating or joining the Boarding Council to organise boarding specific events and activities
  • Study-time every evening which can be used for tutoring sessions or self-study
  • Community Service activities organised every Sunday including recycling activities, gardening or volunteering at an orphanage
  • Recreational activities in the Common Area fostering peer-to-peer camaraderie such as playing board games, table tennis and pool, cooking, baking a cake for a friend’s birthday or helping another boarder with homework
  • Wellbeing activities such as yoga, meditation and colouring
  • Routine activities such as keeping a room tidy, doing laundry and more

More guidance, more nurturing

A nurturing and supportive environment, led by the Director of Boarding, is our promise to every boarder. Each floor is home to a resident House Parent who oversees pastoral and social welfare needs of a boarder. With care and respect as part of our philosophy, boarders can count on us to be there for them every time.

All Nexus International School learners aged between 10 and 18 years are welcomed to stay with us and find their room to grow.

Board options:
  • Full Boarding
  • Weekday Boarding (Monday - Friday only)
  • Day Boarding (Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 8pm)

Boarding Fees: What does it cover? 

Boarding fees cover accommodation for a single or shared room (depending on age and availabilty), breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a variety of facilities such as on-site laundry services, a well stocked kitchenette, internet access and 24-hour security. Besides this, boarders also have access to the school facilities such as the swimming pool, gym, sportshall, field, theatre, multipurpose rooms and library. 
Details Fee
Full Boarding Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable upon receiving the Offer Letter
RM 14,700
Per Term
Weekly Boarding Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable upon receiving the Offer Letter
RM 13,650
Per Term
Weekly Day Boarding Fee (Non-refundable)
(Monday - Friday, 7am - 8.30pm, meals inclusive)
Payable upon receiving the Offer Letter
Per Term
Occasional Weekday Boarding Fee - Sunday to Thursday
(Any Nexus Learners at the discretion of Boarding Director)
Per Night
Occasional Weekend Boarding Fee - Friday to Saturday
(Day Boarder only)
Per Night





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