The Nexus Experience

Inspiring moments from classroom and beyond
“The Nexus Way is a real effort to articulate fundamentally what we value in education.”
Kyle Milliner
Nexus Teacher, UK
Pasha Rahim
Nexus Parent, Malaysia
"I feel that the Nexus way of teaching is very much child-centred. It's very inclusive, and it focuses a lot on individual growth with emphasis on human values."
Nadia Mat Yasir
Nexus Parent, Malaysia
"I have 4 children here at NISM and I have been with Nexus since they were established in 2008. I am happy to see the my children come a long way since they joined."
Emelie Flores Caluza
Nexus Parent, Philippines
"Nexus way of teaching is tailored to each and every learner, it revolves around fun-learning experiences yet being constantly challenged to reach every learners' potential."
    • Madeleine Proud
      Alternative Pathway Coordinator
      "The Alternatve Pathway at Nexus is a unique programme where we work in partnership with parents and other professionals to bring out the best in our learners. As an advocate of young people who are differently abled, I love working as part of a team to develop a wide variety of personalised curricular that meet learners individual needs, interest areas, life skills and ensuring the curricular includes work experience opportunities in order to prepare our learners for the workplace. It is a privilege to be able to work at a school that promotes the importance of developing it's learners emotional intelligence and positive mindset as well as study skills and academic peformance."
    • Rob Holmes
      Deputy Head of Primary
      "Having been part of Nexus for six years I sometimes forget what vibrant and happy place this is. Recent trips to other schools have really brought this home. Our focus on developing meaningful, learning focussed relationships promotes a culture of challenge and makes Nexus an engaging and enjoyable experience for all our learners."
    • Jared Wilson
      Deputy Head Systems & Processes
      "When I arrived here it was a very different environment to what I was used to in the UK. So coming into a school where it's one-to-one environment initially, as a school and community we are expected to collaborate and try different things and be innovative. So it's been a real learning curve, a real challenge, but also a really enjoyable one."
Andrew Kuik
Year 10 Learner
"Nexus has a friendly yet rigorous learning environment, where the teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves and help us when needed. Nexus fully encourages and supports us to showcase our particular talents, and knowing this, I can do my best in all international piano competitions and charity recitals."
Khoo Qi Xuan
Year 13 Learner
"The Nexus pedagogy is marked with its holistic approach to education; contrary to the conventional exam-oriented approach, Nexus teaches learners the ability to think critically and independently. My academic success as an IB learner thus far would have been impossible without the school’s relentless effort in bringing out the best in every learner."
Ng Wi Kiat
Nexus Alumni Class of 2015
"You always feel welcomed amongst the students and staff of the school regardless of who you are or where you came from and they treat you with the kindness and respect as if you were a member of their family."
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