Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) are nothing less than a training ground for our learners to develop high personal ideals and the skills they will use, so that they are well prepared for the rest of their lives.

At Nexus, we offer co-curricular activities encompassing everything from traditional team sports such as football and basketball to individual sports such as rock climbing and Taekwondo. Performing Arts are also highly encouraged among the learners as the school has multiple departments dedicated to music, drama, and film & media.


We offer a range of team and individual sports activities for our learners. Even through these activities, we ensure that our learners gain a learning experience. Through these activities they get to learn teamwork and collaboration while also gaining self-confidence.

Find out which sports we offer in our CCA.

Performing Arts

At Nexus, we encourage our learners to have a balance between academics and personal interest. Through our Music, Film & Media, and Drama departments, learners are able to explore their creative and artistic side, while being guided by professionals to hone their talent.

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