International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
The IB Diploma provides learners with a depth of knowledge across traditional academic subjects, alongside opportunities to reflect on their understanding of the world around them. The Diploma assesses more than exam technique and encourages the growth of independent and confident learners.

Why Study IB @ Nexus?

At NISM, we take an immersive approach - one that is rigourous, warm and supportive. Gaining a Diploma at Nexus means becoming a valued member of our community. In all things, our Diploma learners take an active role. From developing their conceptual understanding across subjects, to serving their communities (both local and global).

What is IB Diploma
The IBDP is made up six subject groups and the DP core, comprising the theory of knowledge, creativity, activity, service and the extended essay.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
CAS is a mandatory core component of the IBDP, with the purpose of providing a framework to allow students to pursue personal interests while balancing studies.

IBDP Results
Download more resource for the IBDP at Nexus.

Student Testimonials
Andrew Kuik
Year 10 Learner
"Nexus has a friendly yet rigorous learning environment, where the teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves and help us when needed. Nexus fully encourages and supports us to showcase our particular talents, and knowing this, I can do my best in all international piano competitions and charity recitals."
Khoo Qi Xuan
Year 13 Learner
"The Nexus pedagogy is marked with its holistic approach to education; contrary to the conventional exam-oriented approach, Nexus teaches learners the ability to think critically and independently. My academic success as an IB learner thus far would have been impossible without the school’s relentless effort in bringing out the best in every learner."
Ng Wi Kiat
Nexus Alumni Class of 2015
"You always feel welcomed amongst the students and staff of the school regardless of who you are or where you came from and they treat you with the kindness and respect as if you were a member of their family."
Nexus Alumni Class of 2018
“Nexus has shaped me to always look at the bigger picture and learnings beyond the classroom.”
Zen Mae
Nexus Alumni Class of 2018
"Nexus has guided me towards a more interactive learning, which helped me become an independent learner capable of expanding my knowledge."
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