Nexus English Pathway

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Nexus English Pathway for Years 5 to 8

Through our progressive Nexus English Pathway, from Foundation through to Mainstream we provide accelerated learning pathways for language acquisition allowing learners to access our mainstream curriculum efficiently and effectively compared to typical timelines for language development.
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Foundation English Programme (FEP):
Able learners with low English levels (A0 or A1 on the CEFR scale) will be able to enrol in our Foundation English Programme, which will provide them with the opportunity to improve their English skills before entering mainstream schooling at Nexus. In Primary, learners will transition from FEP after 3 terms in Nexus, while for Secondary this programme has flexible entry and exit points to enable Secondary learners to progress to the IEP programme as soon as they have achieved the necessary level in English. The programme will be taught in small groups to support accelerated learning. Maths, Science and some other subjects will be taught as part of the programme.  
20% of tuition fee/term
Mainstream Classroom English Support:
  1. Intensive English Programme (IEP)
    Learners who achieve A2 in CEFR will be able to join this programme

In this programme, Primary learners will learn English while Secondary learners will have specialised English support small group lessons in English and Humanities to support their English for around 35% of the week. Otherwise,learners will be in mainstream lessons for the rest of the week, studying the rest of the curriculum including Maths and Science

20% of tuition fee/term
  1. English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support
    Learners who achieve B1 in CFER will be able to join this programme

Learners will now have competent levels of communicative English but will receive additional pull out support to develop academic English to support learning in Primary and in preparation for examinations in Secondary.

10% of tuition fee/term
  1. In Class Support
    Learners will receive a small amount of top-up support to further develop academic English
No additional fees

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