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Pathways of progression:

Nexus Language Pathway  - Beginners Program
Available for: Yr3 to Yr9

At Nexus, we understand that learning a new language for both social and academic progression requires a supportive and nurturing environment.

  • Our provision is tailored to accomodate for a the holistic needs of a learner which cater for language development and curriculum progression for core subjects.
  • To cater with 5* resources, provide expatriate teaching professionals and personalised timetables which expose learners to the range of curriculums in an international school
  • After completing the English School Academic program, our aim is that learner will reach the minimum standard level of A1 (Lower Intermediate)
  • Learners to be able to access the Nexus Mainstream Intermediate Pathway and move on to accessing internationally accredited qualifications

Nexus Language Progression Timelines

Through our progressive Nexus English Pathway, from Beginning through to Mainstream we provide accelerated learning pathways for language acquisition allowing learners to access mainstream curriculum language quickly and effectively compared to typical timelines for language development.

Once entered as an English Language learner, Nexus commits to ensure that there is support throughout a learner's education. As needs change we establish appropriate targets and goals whilst supporting the specialist subject teachers to deliver curriculum content.
Stage Characteristics
The Student
Approximate Time Frame
  • Has minimal comprehension
  • Does not verbalize
  • Nods "yes" and "no"
  • Draws and points
0 - 6 months
Early Production
  • Has limited comprehension
  • Produces one or two word responses
  • Participates using key words and familiar phrases
  • Uses present tense words
6 months - 1 year
Speak Emergence
  • Has good comprehension
  • Can produce simple sentences
  • Makes grammar and pronunciation errors
  • Frequently misunderstands jokes
1 - 3 years
Intermediate Fluency
  • Has excellent comprehensions
  • Makes few grammatical errors
3 - 5 years
Advanced Fluency
  • Has a near native level of speech
5 - 7 years

Typical Language Development Timelines
Primary Beginning English Pathway
Yrs 3 to 6 IPC Program

Learners will complete thematic units of work providing cross curricular links and topics relevant to our modern world, culturally and developmentally appropriate.  

Beginning with a knowledge harvest,  learners guide their own learning using enquiry based teaching and learning methodologies whilst engaging with technologies that excite and promote further language acquisition.

Learners are then promoted to share both their learning and language with others through an Exit Point.
Secondary Beginning English Pathway
Yrs 7-9 Maths & Science

  • Delivered at each learner's level on entry
  • Allows each learner to progress at their own rate of learning
  • Combines the use of technology and promotes independence in practice and sharing their knowledge with others
  • Opportunities for teaching in home language and English to ensure learner progression in Maths is not by their level of language acquisition

  • Following the UK Curriculum, adapted for English language learners
  • Thematic units with cross curricular links
  • Delivered by specialist teachers
  • 4 lessons per week
  • Access to specialist scientific resources for practical experiments
Other curriculum subjects -
At Nexus we feel that it is important for learners to have the curriculum opportunities to be active and creative. Learners will be integrated in the following lessons and activities at Nexus.  
  • Art
  • PE
  • Music
  • LOTE
  • Guided Reading
  • CCA Activities
  • Sports Days
  • School Competitions
  • Yr Group trips
  • Whole School Events / Thematic Cultural Celebration Days
  • Challenge Week
  • Assemblies
The slow integration of the learner into the mainstream classroom  helps to tackle anxieties often found when learning a language. The Beginning Language Pathway focuses on the holistic approach, developing the person, rather than just the learning. This should help the learner to feel more confident and able when they progress to the Mainstream Intermediate Pathway.
Beginning English Pathway : Entry requirements
To be accepted onto the Beginning English Pathway learners would be:
  • Be within the range of ‘beginning’ for 3 out of 4 language batteries.
  • Be assessed as an A0 or A1 from the CEFR
Application & Assessment Process
Admissions will require:
  • A completed Nexus Admissions form
  • A copy of the students current school report with grades
  • A teacher reference from the current school
  • A completed an online CAT’s Assessment
  • A completed online Maths Assessment
  • A full language assessment either completed at Nexus or at at registered British Council Assessment Center giving an equivalent language score inline with the Common European Language Framework
  • 1:1 Interview with Specialist EAL Teacher
Formative Assessment
Learning Activities are completed in a variety of to build confidence with language use whilst accommodating for our learners different learning styles.
  • Reading programs
  • Teacher Observations
  • Practical Writing Activities
  • Informal quizzes
  • Presentations
  • Paired Oral Activities
  • Portfolio Evidence
Summative Assessment
To give accurate feedback and provide Next Step Goals, the following  formal assessments
  • Unit tests (with certificates)
  • Internal Cambridge Language Exam (KET)
Transition into the Mainstream with Intermediate Support
Learners will be able to transit into Intermediate with intensive Support:
  • When learners score a A2 on the Cambridge KET test
  • When the 4 skills are scored in the early intermediate range on the IPT2 test
Application and Cost
Tuition Fees
Details Fees (RM)
Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable upon submission of the Application Form 
Registration Fee (Non-refundable)
Payable ‘once-only’ upon receipt of the Letter of Offer.
Registration fee is waived for past students who re-enrol within 3 years of last withdrawal date. 
Early Years 
Upon entering Year 1, an additional Registration Fee of RM10,000 is applicable.
For limited time only - 100% Registration Fee Waiver.
Save RM10,000.
Early Years (Half Day Programme)
A top-up fee of RM5,000 (for entry into Reception) and RM10,000 (for entry into Year 1) is applicable.
For limited time only - 100% Registration Fee Waiver.
Save RM5,000.
Years 1-13
For limited time only - 50% Registration Fee Waiver.
Save RM10,000.
An equivalent of one term's tuition fee is required as deposit. The amount is to be topped up as tuition fees increases according to year level. It is refundable provided one term’s written notice of withdrawal is given. The said notice must be received and acknowledged by the School on or prior to the commencement of the term the student will be withdrawn. 
See Tuition Fee
School Fees
Per Term (RM)
Per Term (RM)
Nursery (Half Day)
Year 1, 2
Year 3, 4
Year 5, 6
Year 7
Year 8, 9
Year 10, 11
Year 12, 13
Year 12, 13
(with boarding)
  • Tuition Fee and Technology Fee are invoiced per term and payable upon commencement of each term (3 terms per academic year).  
  • The tuition fees include curriculum day trips.
  • Learners in Year 3 onwards will need to buy an ipad or macbook depending on the requirement for their year.
  • Cost of textbooks, uniform and overnight trips are excluded from the above tuition fees.
  • Payment by cheque or bank draft should be made to NEXUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MALAYSIA. Please refer to application procedures for bank transfer details.
  • Siblings are entitled to a discount on the Registration Fee. It is only applicable to siblings who are still studying in the school. A sibling is defined as a legal brother or sister of a child enrolled in the school.
    • i) 1st sibling (2nd born)  at 30%
    • ii) 2nd sibling (3rd born) at 50%
    • iii) 3rd and subsequent siblings (4th born onwards) at 75%
  • Siblings are entitled to a discount on tuition fees. It is only applicable to siblings who are still studying in the school - 1st and subsequent siblings (2nd born onwards) at 5%
  • Students are entitled to a 3% discount on the tuition fees for Term 2 and Term 3, if the annual tuition fees (Term 1, 2 and 3) is paid in full on or before the first day of Term 1

NOTE: The above fees are for admissions in academic year August 2022 to July 2023 ONLY.

Loan facilities for fee payment are available from HSBC. Please enquire for more information. 

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