Boarding Activities

Our activities aim to give boarders fun and unique experiences that help develop their life skills; including leadership skills and teamwork. These activities are also designed to give our boarders a broader world view while enhancing their learning experiences outside the classroom.

Unlike residential schools, our boarding activities are very consistent and carefully planned to give our boarders a well-balanced experience that encompasses trips to cultural villages, theme parks, museums as well as excursions to charitable organisations and good causes.
More life experiences, more life skills

We believe that a complete education must include creative, physical and moral lessons.

We believe that a complete education must include creative, physical and moral lessons. That is why the life experiences at Nexus Boarding House serve as a platform for personal growth and discovery.

Each day is filled with activities to help a boarder naturally develop life skills such as independence, responsibility and teamwork as well as social and problem-solving skills. At the same time, boarders will go on to form enduring friendships with like-minded individuals, all in a safe and caring environment.

Boarders’ experiences include:
  • Afternoon activities that include playing in a sports team, helping as a team manager or joining the School Council
  • Weekend activities such as bowling, sailing, bike riding and go-karting 
  • Peer-to-peer camaraderie including joining the Boarding Council to organise activities, baking a cake for a friend’s birthday or helping with homework
  • Supervised Study-time every evening which can be used for tutoring sessions or self-study
  • English language support with 1:1 English reading support and small group classes with qualified English teacher
  • Japanese language group class supporting learners whose Mother Tongue is Japanese and encourage other boarders to learn a new language
  • Community Service activities organised every Sunday including recycling activities, gardening or volunteering at an orphanage
  • Recreational & wellbeing activities in the Common Area fostering peer-to-peer camaraderie such as playing board games, table tennis and pool, cooking, yoga, music, meditation, colouring and more
  • Routine activities such as keeping a room tidy, doing laundry and more

Boarding House Daily Routines
Date Activity
7:00 am Wake Up
7:45am Breakfast
8:25am School day begins
12.20pm Lunch for Primary learners at cafeteria
1:00pm Lunch for Secondary learners
3.15pm Return from school
3.20pm After school activities (CCA)
4.30pm Afternoon Boarder activities (Soccer, volleyball, swimming etc)
6:00pm Dinner
6.30pm Prep begins
8.00pm Prep ends
8.00pm Evening activities (badminton, basketball, swimming, library, house competitions)
9:30pm Bedtime routines for Juniors
** Lights out for Year 11, 12 & 13 at their discretion
Saturday and Sunday usual routines
10.00am Family brunch in Boarding House
12.00pm Weekend activity with teacher help
5:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Year led activity - field games, movie nights (Sunday Prep)
10:30pm Lights out for all excluding Year 12 & 13 boarders
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