Residential Trips

We extend Learning to go beyond the classroom with our educational trips.
Bringing Learning Out Of The Classroom

To facilitate the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum, learners at all year levels take part in pre-planned field trips and off-site learning opportunities. These include visits to local museums, art galleries, theatre and musical productions as well as outdoor and environmental field trips.  

Trips have an important role in adding to our learners’ real life experiences. Our residential programme begins in Year 3 with a 2-day, 1-night stay in the school grounds. By Year 6, the learners enjoy a longer stay of 4 days and 3 nights. There are many day visits organised during the school year to enrich the learning within the curriculum. These often act as an entry point to stimulate the learners' interests such as a visit to Beryl’s Chocolate Factory in Year 4 at the start of the ‘Chocolate Unit’.

In Secondary learners embark on a 4 year long Leadership Development (Personal and Social Growth) Programme that takes place off campus. The programme is facilitated by specialists who have developed a proven curriculum for creating proactive learners and responsible leaders through experiential learning; social emotional learning; accelerated learning and positive psychology.

Y7: Mindset, Relationships, Learning to Learn (October at Broga Hill - Paradise Valley)
Y8: Communication, Emotion, Critical Thinking (October at Broga Hill - Paradise Valley)
Y9: Value based decisions, Planning, Service (May at Janda Baik - Cherengin Hills)
Y10: Goal setting, Self care, Work process (May at Janda Baik - Cherengin Hills)
Year 3 Sleepover at Nexus (2D 1N) June
Year 4 Banting Paya Wetland (2D 1N) June
Year 5 Ipoh (3D 2N) Nov
Year 6 Sedili Besar, Johor (4D 3N) April
Year 7 Broga Hill (4D 3N) October
Year 8 Ipoh (4D 3N) November
Year 9 Langkawi (5D 4N) March
Year 10 Sandakan, Sabah (4N 5D) May
Year 12 Kota Kinabalu Sabah (5D 4N) Sept
Optional Secondary  
Taiwan Exchange October Half term
France/Spain October Half term
Rajasthan, India Leadership Camp Easter Holidays
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