The Nexus Experience

Inspiring moments from classroom and beyond
“Nexus way of teaching is tailored to each and every learner, it revolves around fun-learning experiences yet being constantly challenged to reach every learners’ potential.”

Emelie Flores Caluza
Nexus Parent, Philippines
Nadia Mat Yasir
Nexus Parent, Malaysia

“I have 4 children here at NISM and I have been with Nexus since they were established in 2008. I am happy to see the my children come a long way since they joined.”
Tian Tian
Nexus Parent, China

“At Nexus, the teachers spend a lot of time communicating with the students, encouraging learners and building their personality. ”
Pasha Rahim
Nexus Parent, Malaysia
“I feel that the Nexus way of teaching is very much child-centred, it's very inclusive, and it focuses a lot on individual growth with emphasis on human values.”
Leikah Zahedi is our Assistant Head & Secondary Counsellor.
Leilah Zahedi
Assistant Head & Secondary Counsellor
“Our goal is encourage and support all staff and learners to foster warm friendly relationships with each other. It is a lovely environment to work and study. If a child is unhappy at school then this could be a barrier to their learning. I want to ensure that these barriers are removed and that the Nexus learner is a happy one; engaged and passionate about their learning.”
— Nexus Relationships
Kay McCabe is one of our Humanities Teachers here at Nexus International School Malaysia.
Kay McCabe
Humanities Teacher
“At Nexus we use real world issues as a vehicle to develop learners critical thinking skills by challenging them through conceptual and debatable questions. Learning is relevant and engaging and enables deeper understanding.”
— Nexus Learning
Ng Wi Kiat is one of our graduated students from 2015.
Ng Wi Kiat
Nexus Alumni Class of 2015

"You always feel welcomed amongst the students and staff of the school regardless of who you are or where you came from and they treat you with the kindness and respect as if you were a member of their family." 
Jerrel Ong is one of our graduated students from 2017.
Jerrel Ong
Nexus Alumni Class of 2017​
“IB was unforgettable. I did a lot of things that I never thought I would be doing in IB like tutoring and learning Spanish! IB pushes you to discover your self to do things and you eventually find a passion in it.”
Azalea Roseli is one of our graduated students from 2017.
Azalea Roseli
Nexus Alumni Class of 2017​

"I think whats special about Nexus, is the teachers. They go an extra mile to make sure your are not just doing well as a student but also as a person. They truly care about you."