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24-Hour Race 2016

Nov 22, 2016
This years 24 Hour Race Kuala Lumpur was the largest ever 24 Hour Race to date! Over 1000 student participants came together at IGB International School this weekend in support of antislavery. The CEO of 24 Hour Race even flew down from Hong Kong to be with us for the first day of the race. The event does not solely consists of running, other events, such as a bake sale, zumba, and even a music festival featuring some of the most popular artists in Malaysia’s  local scene simultaneously took place alongside the race.

The race is completely organised by students, committee consisting of five student directors and deputy directors as well as other organising committee members. I was this year’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations. While the race only takes place in November, the planning process actually starts all the way back in January, where potential first send in their applications! From there the appointed directors work extremely hard over the following months to bring you the best event they can. 

Riana Adams

Director of Marketing and Public Relations, 24-Hour Race 2016

Year 13 Learner

To all Nexus participants in this year’s 24-Hour Race, 

On behalf of the entire Nexus Community, we applaud the runners for your amazing feat (and feet!) over the weekend at the 24-Hour Race. To have run, as you ran, and to have pounded that track endlessly (over 400 times) through the day with the sun at its fiercest heights and then through the dark and sleepless hours of the night; to have been there ready in your turn, to pick up the baton and push yourself through the pain barrier, well done. To end up so highly placed – all 4 Nexus Teams – is a massive accomplishment and goes to show how well you have worked together as a unit. Kudos to Jeff in particular for driving this from the start weeks ago and for leading a most successful awareness- and fund-raising campaign. It is some triumph.

The overall race operational team, led by Riana and her army of marshals, remained upbeat and positive throughout it all. I watched as you cheered, ceaselessly for 6 hours through Saturday night, every runner, offering support, sustenance and kind, encouraging words. Your role was significant. Riana, your work began almost a year ago. With your leadership team you’ve laboured the hard yards, behind the scenes, over many months – through the summer, when we were all enjoying a break - and, I’d imagine, by Saturday morning the toughest hours were probably behind you. How you remained so calm and composed - even able to get up on stage to sing to the crowds - is testament to your strength as a leader. 

To the Nexus marshalls we salute your perseverance to the cause. Whilst it is human nature to praise those who take the medals, and often overlook the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, you deserve as much acclaim. It seemed there was no task too mundane that you weren’t prepared to step up and fulfil or support for all runners – not just the Nexus teams – you weren’t happy to provide. Indeed, it simply wouldn’t have happened without you.

As an actual trackside spectator on Saturday night, something struck me to the core, and this for me will be the most telling and enduring impression of this year’s Race. As I looked around, amongst the sea of young people all driven by one common purpose – to stop the trafficking of humans for slavery – and energised by the idealism of youth that this can be achieved when people work together, one thing stood out starkly. Where were my peers? Where were the other adults, teachers, supervisors? There were a few, of course every school had its chaperones. But us oldies were eclipsed. So often, we feel through the authority of age that we are wiser and more capable. What conceit! What hubris! It is so telling, and quite fitting, that Marcus’s Student Council email on Sunday afternoon informing the community of the weekend’s accomplishments was sent only to the Nexus learners. 

The 24-Hour Race is proof positive, if ever we needed it, that intrinsic motivation works best; that those skills – the PaTS and ATLs – your teachers fret over in their curriculum planning and mention every lesson, have been embedded; and that Nexus learners, at their best, are the most awesome human beings! 

is abundantly clear that you are the citizens and leaders of the future, mindful of the world and your place in it, whom it is our sincere pleasure to know and work with, whom we can trust and who will have a balanced self-belief and compassionate confidence to handle any situation with strength and equanimity.

Thank you, once again, for your incredible, selfless efforts. It will mean the world to those who, through your contributions and awareness-raising might be rescued from their lives of misery. It also means the world to us in Nexus. For the example you set, you make us so proud and what’s more we know beyond doubt that the future of our world is in the safest of hands.


Christopher Lynn

Head of Secondary