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Ilham Gallery

Feb 21, 2017
A day that was filled with cookies, candies, and love was also filled with confusion and blankness.

On valentine's day the year 12s took a trip to Ilham Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. Although there were many different artworks displayed to deliver the message of foreign workers in Malaysia, I couldn't quite put my hand on what each of the artwork was trying to convey to the audience. After relentlessly walking around the gallery many times trying to understand everything, I finally asked one of the art students stationed around the gallery and asked them for their opinion on the artworks. I realized there was so much more to the artworks then what was shown on the surface. The artworks stood for so much more, they conveyed the messages of human life of being a maid, a refugee, a cancer patient, a couple, a mom, and many more. It showed the hardships and real life behind these people. Once I understood the meaning of some of the artworks I understood how clever the artists were with how they strategically placed, and lighted upon. The trip was truly eye opening and I realized that in order to understand something, you must look past the surface. I truly enjoyed this experience as it opened not only mines, but many others eyes to understand foreign workers in Malaysia.

- Two Y12 students