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International Primary Curriculum Parent Workshop

Nov 29, 2016
On November 4th, Almost 50 parents attended a workshop to experience how the the International Primary Curriculum is taught at Nexus. The workshop involved parents taking part in a mini IPC unit of work - Mission to Mars. It started with an Entry point which involved the Parents participating in astronaut training activities to prepare them for their 'Mission to Mars.'

After the Entry Point, they found out about how a knowledge harvest is used to find prior knowledge to ensure learners are suitably challenged. The parents then split into groups for taster sessions of subject learning through the IPC. In ICT, the parents learned how Mars Rovers are used and practiced the skill of programming and controlling their own mars rover and drone. In Geography the  parents developed their understanding of why humans may need to find another planet and in Science they gained knowledge about the solar system and investigated common misconceptions.

The morning ended with an Exit Point which involved Year 6 learners coming to ask the parents about their learning. Feedback was very positive and parents said that the experience gave them a very good understanding of the process of the IPC and how their children learn. Parents were impressed by how rigorous the learning is in the IPC at Nexus, with many commenting that they were happy to find that learning can be fun and rigorous at the same time!