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Making Learning Better

May 3, 2017
Dear Year 10 and Year 12 Parent
In our constant effort to ensure that every learner heading in to their IGCSE and IB years is fully equipped to maximise their learning capacity, just before the holiday began, our Year 10 and Year 12 learners were fortunate enough to participate in a special focussed study skills training session here in school delivered by Elevate Education, the world's #1 study skills provider with offices based in Australia, the US, UK and Singapore.
I hope that your son or daughter was able (and willing!) to share with you the enormously useful (and fun) learning that they enjoyed that day. Learners in both Years 10 and 12 received specific training in Memory Mnemonics just one revision and study skill, although each was geared towards their particular age and exam level.

Over the holiday, I received a copy of the feedback each learner provided after the course and it makes for startlingly positive and interesting reading. Notably, 100% of the learners felt they learned something new that would help them, 100% of the learners would recommend these learning and study techniques and 100% of the learners believed this had been time very well spent! That was most reassuring! I read one learner had written in capital letters that this session had "OPENED MY EYES!"
The learners found the attention section most useful, specifically the idea of removing distractions and exercising in their study breaks. They also felt that the content had been easy to digest.
I mention this aspect particularly to you as their parents because this is definitely one area that you can influence and help with at home for your child.
Some learners suggested that for the future, they would like more training and advice in skills to do with time management and some multimedia. This will be a focus for us in our PSD classes over the next few weeks in these year groups.
We were very impressed with Elevate Education and shared the learners enthusiasm for what was delivered. We would like to continue our relationship with this organisation and have asked that next time they return to Nexus we can arrange for them to offer a parent session too.
It is our sincere hope that with these new and strengthened revision and study skills your son or daughter have learned that they will face this term's mid-course examinations with confidence and, of course, look ahead to next year's mock and final examinations in January and May/June respectively.
If you would like to know more about how you can possibly help your child study better at home, please get in touch with Ms Leilah (Year 10) or Ms Maureen (Year 12).