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Nexus Hope Tree

Dec 16, 2016

All year round, Nexus is kept clean and safe for the learners. The cleaners work diligently to ensure the school’s cleanliness, whilst the guards patrol the school to ensure safety. And hence this is why, to show that their efforts have not been forgotten, and is very deeply appreciated by us all that the Nexus Hope Tree was introduced. 

Under the Hope Tree, are piles of sparkling wrapped presents, brought by the learners of this school to be given to the cleaners and the guards. The learners had also poured their hearts in writing appreciative letters, and hung them on the branches of the tree. All these gifts and letters, are filled with the hopes and love of the learners. 

They truly appreciate the efforts of the cleaners and guards. They truly want to put a smile on the faces of the people who has done this for them. Most of all, the learners want them to know that they have not been overlooked.

Brandon Tye 
Year 12 Learner