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Through the Looking Glass of an Early Years Class

May 13, 2016
It was a school day like any other – just another regular Thursday – but for Early Years, it was a special day – a trip to Farm in the City! We were celebrating our learning by having our Exit Point at the petting zoo.
As our youngest learners stepped off the bus, we were greeted by these unusual tall birds – ostriches! The learners had to learn to take turns letting each other go to the front to get a better view of these great winged creatures.
Then off to the parrots we went – these rainbow-coloured birds gave us a performance by showing us their tricks of ‘raise the flag’ and ‘find the ball’. 
After that was the tortoise enclosure. This area was more interactive as learners were given a leaf stalk each to feed the shelled creatures. Our learners were very excited to be given the opportunity to feed these animals up close – but at the same time they had to take into consideration that these were living beings with feelings and needs. This was an excellent example of the goal we had been learning in class that deals with taking ‘responsibility for the well-being of both the living and the non-living environment’.

During class, Early Years 1 sorted through items that represented living creatures and non-living objects, before having a discussion about what needs each may have.
For Early Years 2, our learners played a quick round of ‘Tamagotchi’ online to get a sense of what needs a pet may have, before making their own Tamagotchi on paper and discussing in further detail what their thoughts were regarding the well-being of pets/animals.
After the tortoise enclosure, it was time for the reptile house. Our learners were definitely more courageous than some adults as they passed through the glass structure sneakily housing a python on the glass ceiling. 
The bird aviary came next and Ms Monica bravely stepped up to feed the birds. With one hand full of treats, the smallest and swiftest of birds quickly swept by for a feed – it was quite a frenzy!
Our learners also had the chance to feed deer and alpaca, guinea pigs and rabbits, as well as huge carp and small fish.
Once back in class for lunch, our learners could not stop talking about the enjoyment of the trip they had. 

EY2 – Paper Tamagotchi activity – learning about ‘taking responsibility for the well-being of the living and non-living environment’ 

Taking turns and letting our friends have a good view.

Watching the Ostriches looking back at them.

Good listening skills!

Feeding bunnies! A fine example of learning to take responsibility for the well-being of the living. 

Catching fish – a favourite of many!