24 Hour Run

Nov 30, 2018
Last weekend saw the annual 24 Hour Race which was held at IGB International School where six Nexus teams faced intense competition against 600 other runners from a multitude of KL international schools in the strive to rake top placing. All teams, regardless of the status of competitiveness, sped through the race track under the scorching sun, committing to the battle against human trafficking. The outstanding commitment from the runners was not all; coupled with the direct stream of support from a group of Nexus teachers as well as marshals, the Nexus runners were all the more motivated to race for the podium. Ultimately, their perseverance and resilience throughout the entirety of the race resulted in first place for Nexus TT, the boys' team, with a whopping lead of 60 laps. Meanwhile, Nex Level Ragers and Nexketit both claimed 4th and 7th place respectively in the mixed team category out of 56 teams, with Nex Level Ragers behind third place by a mere lap. Albeit, Nexus claimed utmost pride in the accomplishments of all teams, not forgetting Nexketit which consisted mainly of young Year 9 prodigies! Fortunately, we were able to strut home with satisfaction......and sleep deprivation too! 

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