Art Exhibition

Feb 20, 2020

Year 6 worked incredibly hard on their recent IPC topic 'They See the World Like This'. For their Entry Point, they worked with Miss Cherie, Miss Ken Hui and Year 12 IB learners from the Secondary Art Department. They used a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to produce a colourful piece that represented them - we called it 'Feetism'. Next, they explored genres of music and created a response in the form of art, they all loved using spray paints for this piece. Our Year 6 learners focused on producing traditional forms of art including Impressionism, Cubism, Pop Art, and Tessellation.

A particular favourite of all the learners was the work they produced using Virtual Reality to explore emotions. Our Art Gallery Exit Point proved very popular and Year 6 received great feedback to support their learning and many opinions were offered for our Big Question: 'Can art change the world?'

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