Autism Awareness Month

May 15, 2018
Autism Awareness Month was a great opportunity for Nexus Learners to learn about and share their awareness of Autism. Learners attended awareness discussions, took part in skill-based activities, volunteered at fundraising events and helped to raise money towards the Schools chosen charity - Autism Cafe Project, Malaysia. 

One highlight was the Yr4 to Yr6 Primary Disco which was organised by learners of the Alternative Pathway who through a life skills enterprise project put their communication, organisation and entrepreneurial skills into practice, demonstrating that everyone can do things for others.  Primary learners had so much fun, thanks to the Drama department who shared their studio to create a realistic disco environment for the afternoon. 

Awareness wasn’t just spread throughout the learners, teachers also took the opportunity to be upskilled as they participated in workshops about Autism, sharing practical techniques to inclusive teaching at Nexus. Thanks to our PLA’s (personal learning assistants) who shared their training, knowledge and experiences with both primary and secondary teaching staff. 

Other activities included awareness talks to learners from external agencies and specialist school staff ensuring that nexus learners had the opportunity to ask questions and talk about common misconceptions about Autism. Learners also facilitated activities which demonstrated unity and differences through a collaborative artwork project and had fun completing games and obstacle courses which promoted Gross motor skills and friendship.

As a finale, the school joined together to show a united front in wearing blue for the last day of the month. It was a proud moment to see over 46 staff wearing the Early Autism Project 2018 “Love someone with Autism” T-shirt whilst being surrounded by a sea of Nexus learners demonstrating their support for learners with Autism.

Here is a link to the Celebratory video for Nexus Autism Awareness Month 2018 -
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