Challenge Week is back, bigger and louder!

Nov 6, 2019
Following two amazing years of Challenge Week, we have focussed on providing yet more outstanding opportunities for learners to face an even wider range of challenges. With more than 40 projects to choose from, CW20 is even better than ever before. We have more experiences, more choices, more challenging activities and .... more fun. 

Booking is open from 1800 hrs, 6th November 2019 till 2359 hrs, 10th November 2019.

Learners must select their top 3 weekly choices (incase your first weekly choice is full).

Each weekly option consists of either:
  • a 2 day option (Monday and Tuesday) and a 3 day option (Wednesday - Friday)
  • a 5(+) day option.
Click here to register now. 

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