Chinese Speech Competition

May 15, 2018
From LOTE Department, Ms. Brenda

Well done to all the four learners who participated in the Thai Chinese Speech Competition on 4 May 2018. You made Nexus so proud of your resilience and your courage to pull through, from writing your script to presenting it so well on stage. Daniel Zhou came in Champion for the Upper Primary Native Speakers group, Xiang Qin Zhang came in 7th position for the same category. Danae Zhang came in as third runner-up in the Middle School Native Speakers group. Pui Lam Fong came in as third runner-up in the High School Non-native Speakers group.

Congratulations to all of you from the Nexus Family, hope you enjoy this invaluable experience!

Daniel receiving the award.

Xiang Qing (first from the left) received the certificate.

Pui Lam (first from the right) received the certificate.

Danae (First from the right) received the certificate.

Reflection from Danae: I watched a lot of very excellent speeches and learnt many speech techniques from participants during the competition. The topic of my speech was about the Analects of Confucius, I felt a little nervous at first but later I became more and more confident. I explained my thoughts clearly and thought about other participants’ points of view. Although I didn’t win any trophies, but this was a very meaningful experience for me. I will improve my speech skills and I’ll do better next time.​​​​​​​
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