The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) Explained

Sep 26, 2019
Close to 30 parents participated in the recently held Nexus Parents Workshop which delved into the topic, “Understanding CAT”.

The Cognitive Abilities Test or a.k.a CAT provides a holistic profile of a student so that teachers and parents can make informed decisions about a student’s progress and provide necessary support. It provides a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses across four variables namely verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

“CAT helps parents give an overview of how their children might learn and what their natural potential is. So, if parents understand the four different elements of CAT, they will know how to support the learning style or even behaviour of their children,” said Nexus Head of Primary Claire Waller. 

Safoora Hasan, a parent who participated in the workshop shared that she found the workshop helpful in understanding her child’s CAT report. “It gives a clearer picture of where he stands and how he thinks. In that way, if he’s far behind I can speak to the teacher and see how we can close the gap, having the CAT report as reference.” Safoora is a parent of a Year 5 student at Nexus International School Malaysia.

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