EXIT POINT: Jurassic Nexus

EXIT POINT: Jurassic Nexus
Nov 17, 2017
On Tuesday 14th November, as part of our Exit Point, Year 3 learners transformed into paleontologists (dinosaur experts), sharing their learning with parents and staff. Learners looked smart in their lab coats and name tags.
Upon arrival, learners took their parents through a virtual tour of their learning during our topic on ‘Footprints from the Past’.
Through the lens of ICT, they showed their Green Screen dinosaur documentaries. They also showcased their very own Stop Animation on Dinosaur Food Chains – explaining about the Producer, Primary Consumer and Secondary Consumer.

Through the Lens of English, learners shared their instructional writing on how to trap a dinosaur.
Through the lens of Geography, learners had the opportunity to and explain how fossils are formed. They carefully dug for fossils and cleaned them with special brushes.
At the last station, all learners and parents reflects on the brilliant learning experience using SeeSaw.
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