Gardening workshop at the free tree society

Dec 3, 2018
At the end of November, a group of Nexus International Award learners visited the Free Tree Society in Bangsar. They participated in a gardening workshop and gained a greater appreciation for nature.

The IA participants learnt about mixing soil, using worms, how to compost, insect hotels, habitats and about the different flower species that were in the Free Tree Society Garden.

During the time at the Free Tree Society, the learners made a flower drink using blue pea flowers. The petals turned the hot water a magnificent blue colour. As the learners added juice from a limau kasturi which they had also picked from the garden, they watched their drink turn to a glorious purple. As it was quite a hot day, the magnificent flower drink turned out to be very refreshing.

Whilst at the Free Tree Society, the learners even prepared a cutting and potted their own plant.

They were fortunate enough to take these away and these have now been added to to school level 4 garden for everyone to enjoy.

Soup kitchen service

A group of Duke of Edinburgh Bronze International Award learners have been volunteering at the Fungates Superflow Foundation Soup Kitchen in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur. The Soup Kitchen serves approximately 200 meals per day to the urban poor and homeless. The learners have been assisting to clean up the venue, preparing the food, serving the community and then washing up afterwards.

The patrons typically queue up outside the doors of the Soup Kitchen before the official opening time, as for some, it is their only meal of the day. The Fungates Superflow Foundation also runs a ‘Love on Wheels’ bus which donates free food items to other locations in the Jinjang area. Our Nexus learners have also been helping to label up the food items before they are handed out to the community. The motto of the Soup Kitchen and Love on Wheels is, ‘It is not about us, it is about others!’ Our learners have shown great compassion throughout their weeks of volunteering and have really lived the motto by serving those that are less fortunate than themselves.


On September 27th a group of 17 learners embarked on their Qualifying Expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award.

They camped overnight in a local field in Bukit Fraser, prepared their meals over a camping stove and hiked for six hours each day. The Bronze Award participants followed a route that they had preplanned using a map and GPS on the first day, and then only a compass and a map on the second.

In groups of 4 - 6 members, the learners carried all their camping gear, food and clothes with them so that they could survive independently in an unfamiliar environment. During this time, they overcame fears, ventured beyond comfort zones, learnt to work with each other, became physically and mentally stronger and succeeded in becoming champions by passing all the requirements for the Bronze Award Adventurous Journey.

Madeleine Proud and Tony Qureshi
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