IA Trip to Hulu Langat

IA Trip to Hulu Langat
May 14, 2018
Adventurous Journey-
Bronze Practice Trip @
Hulu Langat - May 4-6th

The Year 9s have just returned from a gruelling 2 day hike in the lush hills of Hulu Langat.  The trip was hugely rewarding and a great success! Well done to all who participated!

Stella Oh’s (9X) recount of her experience:

Day 0:
On the 4th of May, we had our first adventurous journey that spanned out for three days and two nights. In my group, I had four other people, Liann, our captain, Max, Nurin, and Amelia. Our leader from school is Ms Natasha Piven, and our GAC guide is Mr Chan. Our adventurous journey was completed on foot by hiking at least 6 hours minimum. To say the least, it was challenging. We left school at 1.30pm and took a bus to Hulu Langkat, before we arrived at camp we stopped for lunch along the way. When we arrived at the campsite, everyone was somewhat nervous and eager to start the day off; we went into a sheltered area, which would later be our common area and we had a briefing about what we were going to do today, tomorrow, and the day after. We were told that day 0 would just be relaxing so we had a workshop session in which we learnt to tie some knots. Before I knew it, someone made a long rope using the 'reef knot', and we played a big game of skipping rope. We then set up our tents and settled down. We role in the group was to plan meals, and I would say I did an excellent job, everyone enjoyed the meals. We made oatmeal pancakes, chicken, curry, potato, chickpeas, and quinoa wraps, black eye beans, carrot, potato, onion and spaghetti soup.

Day 1:
This is the day everything started, my group and I woke up at 6.00am and packed up our tents, got ready, and prepared our breakfast and lunch. Our group decided that our team goal would be better teamwork and to not argue over useless things. Everyone was a bit late, and we were delayed regarding departure time for our hike. As the hike started, I guess you could say none of us were used to it at all. We were carrying heavy bags and hiking miles; a new for everyone in my group. I would say we started off steady; we were trying our best to stick close to each other, obeying the 'two-meter rule' and keeping each other as motivated as we could. But, as the hike progressed and the sun shone through the crack of the tree leaves; beating down on us, we soon started to get exhausted and soon started annoying each navigator and our GAC leaders with the same question every few minutes: "Are we there yet?" When we did get there, to the waterfall, it was a major let down as it was swarmed by bees, efficiently making our team leader incredibly moody and uncomfortable. We turned around and hiked back up the trail, wanting to get back to camp. Before that, we found a very serene spot lower down the river bank and decided to have our lunch there. The moment we opened the bags of food, the bees readily swarmed us. By the time we got back, we were very early and decided to have a mini tea party by the side of the trail. At the end of day 1, I learned the importance of motivation and teamwork; it gets you places when you're having a tough time. This was also when I discovered my strength. I was able to stay as enthusiastic as possible, and I was very determined to finish the hike.

We woke up at 5.30am on the second day to avoid being late like last time and I could say this was when our team bond started to crumble a bit. My weakness is that I'm not very tolerant and always let things get to me personally when it shouldn't. And, I got very frustrated and annoyed easily. I understand that people are only trying to help, but sometimes this can affect the whole team. My weakness is something I need to work on. Well, we went on with the hike, and this would be the hardest hike I've been on. My shoulder has been sore since the first day, and this hike was the worse. My shoulder was severely swollen, and I was having issues hiking up the mountain with the weight of my bag. The good thing was that my group was able to keep me motivated with words of encouragement. If it wasn't for them, I feel as though I might have given up. It was hot, my shoulder was swollen, and I was just in a bad mood. But, they never gave up on me and encouraged me all the way to the end. They even helped me carry my bag! At the end of the hike, we were all relieved to be alive.

I think most things went well aside from a group scabble we had with our captain and our teamwork. But, aside from that, I think we all learned a lot and gained from the experience.

Stella Oh 9X

All in all it was a trip to remember, and we cannot wait until the qualifying trip in Fraser’s Hill.

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