Nexus Instrumental Demo

Sep 18, 2018
On the 28th of August, the music team at Nexus presented a smashing presentation on their respective musical instruments. All primary learners and teachers had their energy levels actuated when the demonstration hit off early in the morning by the very talented and excellent music team. The demonstration was moderated by Mr. Chris who is the school’s dedicated music director. Each teacher had their musical instrument demonstrated to the crowd, some even relating their life stories about how they picked up a hobby as well as pursuing their music dreams. Some of the instruments include the bassoon, flute, saxophone, violin, piano, trumpet, bass, electric guitar and even the drums.

That was not the end, as a performance broke out by the music teachers on a song lead by Vocalist, Ms. Audrey who enticed the crowd with Bruno Mars’ hit, Uptown Funk. Not only the song, but also their sublime music skills were so extremely captivating that the crowd cheered and requested a second performance. The teachers kindly obliged and closed off the musical demo with the upbeat and incredible Michael Jackson’s famous hit of Billie Jean. This piece got everyone excited, clapping, and some even on their feet. It felt like being in a concert or even an orchestra with such a perfect blend of various musical instruments. Everyone left the hall happy and extremely energized to continue with lessons for the rest of the day, as we often hear, ‘Music Enhances Learning’. It truly does.

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