Over the Mooncakes

Oct 16, 2018
In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Year 5 learners went out of the classroom and into the kitchen to make mooncakes. As part of their World Cultures lesson, everyone made the traditional Chinese dessert from scratch. With the help of their teacher, Ms Ruby, they began by mixing the ingredients and rolling the lotus paste. Then, they shaped the mooncake using a special mould.Our learners had a fantastic time in the kitchen. “We had to use our hands to wrap the mooncakes and the ingredients inside them. Like dumplings!” shared Maurice. Rihaash also enjoyed the hands-on learning: “Mooncakes are easy to make and they smelled like rice crackers.” Before the day ended, Ariele was quick to share her experience too. “I learned that making mooncakes is fun, and I finished it. My hands were oily afterwards,” she said. “I didn’t know how to make mooncakes until Ms Ruby showed us. They had to be round and rolled flat, and put into a mould. The first one I made had chocolate on the outside. My second one was better.”

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