Putrajaya by Design

Mar 1, 2018
Focusing on Function and Design, our Year 7 learners explored the sidewalks and waterways of Putrajaya for a glimpse of the modern city. Featuring a landscape of innovative buildings, botanical gardens and Islamic-influenced architectural landmarks, the learners roamed the city and carried out a number of field sketches and activities in various locations.

The challenge of the day was determining the function of Putrajaya as a whole and how its design features assist the city in carrying out the function. With notes in hand, the learners experienced this iconic city with enthusiasm and curiosity in both pockets. At the end of the unit, the learners will determine whether Putrajaya is a planned or unplanned city based on the evidence collected.

Overall, the trip was an excellent introduction to Year 7’s new unit called Exploring Places. Their goal is to conduct further research on Putrajaya and other planned cities around the world.

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