Raya Celebrations 2019

Jul 1, 2019
Hari Raya Curriculum Day was celebrated on the 14th in June 2019.

Primary and Secondary learners worked collaboratively in a variety of different Leaning activities such as Ketupat making, sharing of experiences of fasting in different countries congkak games, batu seremban and more.

The Year 5 learners surprisingly suggested doing a 'flash mob dance in the canteen' when they trained for 2 weeks. They danced gracefully and parents were amazed!

Learners were enthusiastically involved and parents contributed by cooking and serving a wide variety of traditional Malay food for food tasting. Decorations for the school entrance and canteen were also coordinated by the wonderful parents from the PTA. The school looked lovely with its authentic 'kampung' style decorations.

Learners and teachers all came in dressed up fabulously on the Raya Curriculum day to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Everyone fully enjoyed the day and were completely involved.

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