Should smoking be banned in the developing world?

Jul 10, 2018
Should smoking be banned in the developing world? Various opinions have been raised on this topic as some argue that smoking should be banned due to its negative health effects, the addiction that it causes, and the short- term satisfaction it gives to smokers. And others brings up the fact that smoking has several protective health effects against diseases like the Parkinson’s disease.

On the 21st of June, year 8 had a debate about smoking in the developing world. The proposition was to argue that smoking should be banned whilst the opposition argued that smoking shouldn’t be banned. I was the second speaker of the opposition side and I was responsible for rebutting the proposition’s main arguments.

For example, I rebutted what the proposition had said about the addiction that smoking causes. I countered their argument by stating that smoking is a voluntary behaviour and how the majority of smokers have been able to abstain and quit smoking (1.3 million smokers quit each year).

Although it was a really challenging debate, I gained many things from it. I learned that the way a speaker speaks is vital for a good performance. A speaker’s speech would be better if emphasis is used on certain words. Also a speaker looks more confident if she/he believes the point they are making. Overall, the whole debating was a valuable experience, and I am willing to participate in bigger and more significant debates later on.

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