Tasikoki trip

Tasikoki trip
Jun 12, 2018
Nexus Challenge Week 2018 has been an opportunity for learners to embrace experiential learning. The activities were designed to have an element of challenge and to encourage learners to step out of their comfort zone in a new and unfamiliar environment. The week was a huge success with learners also demonstrating their personal and transferrable skills, developing their independence, building their confidence levels and making new friends.
Upon arrival at Tasikoki the learners received a briefing about the history, mission and purpose of the centre. They were informed that Tasikoki is a rescue and transfer centre built especially for illegally kept, traded and smuggled wildlife animals and that it exists with the collaboration and support of an Indonesian non-profit organisation called the Masarang Foundation. Both share the same main goal of conserving nature.

During the tour, the learners saw and learnt about the different wildlife including orangutans, sun bears, cockatoos and hornbills. and how to not trigger their protective and territorial behaviour. The learners visited the local beach and were involved in tree planting and a beach clean-up.On a subsequent visit to Tulap Turtle beach, the learners were lucky enough to see a a baby turtle hatchling make its way to the sea.

In an enrichment activity, learners collected and used natural products in the area to make food storage containers for the birds and animals. The learners helped to cut bamboo so that the food for the wildlife could be kept inside. They tied the seeds that were wrapped in dried leaves to branches and these were later given to the birds.
The learners had the opportunity to visit the Masarang palm sugar production factory. They learnt about the production of palm sugar made from the sap of the Indonesian Arenga palm and how geothermal energy is being used in the process of making granulated sugar.

On a visit to Tamboan Hill, the learners watched a traditional dance performance and got to know the local children. They embraced the experience and posed for photos with the dancers from the local tribe.
Overall the trip was a great success. New friendships were formed, challenges overcome and memories made that will hopefully last a lifetime.

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