A Trio of Awards

Mar 22, 2017
Nexus International School Malaysia is the top international school n Malaysia to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School (One of the 9 in South East Asia), IPC Accredited at Mastering Level and Accredited by the prestigious Council of International School.

Its with great pleasure that we announce some significant milestones for Nexus International School Malaysia this year.

We have been working hard since the start of the Academic year on several developments to ensure that we continue to meet the international standards that define a world class education. This month saw further evidence that we are continuing to reach the highest standards.

On the 8th of March, we received a response from the Counsel of International Schools regarding the first report on progress and planning.  “I am pleased to inform you that the report has been accepted, and therefore Nexus International School, Malaysia maintains its good standing as a CIS accredited institution. CIS was impressed by the school's positive approach to the recommendations contained in the March 2015 Visiting Team Report and pleased to learn that there has been considerable progress in many areas since the Team Visit”.
Ray Davis
Director of School Support & Evaluation
Council of International Schools (CIS)

On the 17th of March, We received good news from Apple – Education Development. “I am delighted Nexus International School Malaysia has received this recognition again as I know how rich and nuanced the Nexus story is and how much it has evolved in the past two years. I also appreciate what went into designing the multitouch book for the ADS application. I hope the wider community will be as bowled-over by the new multi touch book as the Education Recognition Program Teams in both the Asia Pacific region and the US were”.
Jane Harris, MSc (Education)
Education Development, Apple South Asia

On the 17th of March, we received yet another congratulatory message , this time from the divisional Director of Fieldwork Education, Mr Richard Davies, on our efforts to be the one other school in the world to be awarded Mastering status using the IPC standard “We are thrilled that your school has been re-accredited at mastering level and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future, to improve even more the ways in which the IPC can be used to help children learn better, broader and deeper”.
Richard Davies
Divisional Director, Fieldwork Education

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