Y7 Transition Day

May 13, 2019
On Tuesday 6th May 2019 Year 6 took part in their final transition event of the year with a Taster Morning part in Year 7 classes.

“The reason behind the Taster Morning was primarily to introduce our Year 6 learners to the secondary school by offering short lessons in Science, Art and Language Other Than English (LOTE). This gives Year 6 learners an insight into the different subjects that are studied in Secondary. It also gives the Year 6s the opportunity to get comfortable moving around between lessons, which is always one of the biggest changes (and causes of anxiety) during transition from primary to secondary. Finally, it also gives secondary teachers and Year 6 learners the chance to interact, which hopefully makes the prospect of new (and lots) of teachers a little less scary!
Ultimately, the two Taster Days are created to help our Year 6 learners feel more comfortable and confident about making the move up to year 7.”
Sam Franklin, Current Head of Year 7

All learners returned to the Year 6 class buzzing with chat of their exciting morning with new teachers, and new classrooms:

“We enjoyed the new experience of the Transition day. We loved the Science class where Miss Saron taught us how to use a bunsen burner to create mini-fireworks. We did this by putting sodium chloride and iron shavings into the flame. Sodium chloride made different colours appear and iron shavings made it spark. It was awesome!”
Mia and Alani, Year 6 learners

“In our year 7 LOTE transition class we had a great time. We thought about different languages and then tried to communicate in Elvish! Some of it was quite tricky and it made us think positively about learning new languages.”
Farhan and Clovis, Year 6 learners

The transition events also allow Secondary teachers to get know the Year 6 learners and where they are with knowledge, skills and understanding of the different subjects:

“Having already 'tasted' art through their art unit last term, I wanted the learners to experience something new. Ideas and techniques are vital in art and today the learners were introduced to narrative photography by taking a storytelling photo of a lego person in an environment. After seeing the work of David Gilliver, they then used i-pads and lego people to try to take photos that gripped their audience, that made them laugh of enjoy a story.”
Cherie Smith, Head of Visual Arts

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