Year 4 Entry Point - Chocolate

Sep 18, 2018
Every IPC topic begins with an Entry Point, the aim of which is to get everyone excited and thinking about the learning that is to come. The teachers explained to the Year 4 learners that they were going to go on a learning journey through time and they were expected to record their responses as they go through different stations on a sheet like a detective!

Learners then went through the Aztec room where they experienced a bitter cocoa drink and cocoa with chili drink. The whole ambiance was transformed into Aztec times where information was displayed and Aztec era music was played.

Learners then moved into the 1500s room where Cocoa was added with cinnamon and sugar. The last room they experienced was in the present era, where cocoa had been revolutionised. Learners tasted the rich taste of cocoa with white, milk and dark chocolate bursting with different flavours! Learners were intrigued by the whole experience of tasting the cocoa's revolution and learning about the countries involved in this transformation.

Learners are looking forward to be exploring more about cocoa through the lens of Science, Technology, Geography and History in the next coming weeks.
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