Year 7 take a virtual field trip to see the Tollund man in Denmark!

Dec 4, 2018
Some of our year 7 learners have been investigating the Tollund man, an iron-age bog body found in a peat bog near Silkeborg in Denmark in 1950. Last week, as part of their investigation into how and why Tollund man was killed, our learners were able to take part in an exciting ‘virtual field trip’ to Silkeborg museum where the body is now exhibited. The live video chat was hosted by the Museum Director Ole Nielsen, who guided them through the exhibit and was also on hand to answer any questions and help the learners in their investigations.

As part of the virtual trip, the learners saw pots, tools and other items from the iron age, and a brief look at Elling woman, another bog body on display. Finally, they were treated to the Tollund man exhibit, including virtual recreations of his face, interactive visual displays, and of course, a close up of the real Tollund man himself.

Here is what some of the learners had to say about the experience:

“Yesterday, we miraculously got to hold an interview with the director of Silkeborg museum in Denmark; where the well known 'Tollund Man' lies. I was overjoyed as we got to actually see the Tollund Man live and got to explore more of the museum. I gained a lot of knowledge in numerous different aspects about the Tollund Man and the museum itself.” (Zuhayra, 7E)

“My favourite part of the interview was defiantly when we got to see what the Tollund man looks like, he looks the same in the pictures to me but just a little more boney then I imagined, we also saw an animation showing what they think the Tollund man would look like.” (Afiah, 7E)

“This interview was AMAZING because I met a museum director and Tollund man himself. We learned all of the iron age stuff. He even showed us Elling women: another bog body. Ole Nielsen even showed us the different hairstyles of the iron ages. There were ceramics and different kind of useful stuff the people used during that old times. The museum even constructed Tollund man's face when he was still alive. It looked different than I expected.” (Adam, 7X)

Since the interview, the learners have been hard at work, using the knowledge they gained from the interview and their own research, and piecing the evidence together to come up with theories of how and why the Tollund man died.
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