Developing Well-rounded Individuals
Co-curricular Activities(CCA) are nothing less than a training ground for our young people to develop high personal ideals and the skills they will use, so that they are well prepared for the rest of their lives.
At Nexus we offer co-curricular activities encompassing everything from traditional team sports such as  football and basketball  to individual sports such as rock climbing, Taekwondo, archery and wakeboarding. There are a multitude of arts and crafts opportunities whether it be fun with clay or knitting that supplement the Performing Arts opportunities.
As well as every member of the academic staff offering a CCA we employ a team of external facilitators, specialist coaches and tutors. The location, space and facilities at Nexus mean we are able to support a wide range of activities; a huge auditorium, sports halls and fields, music, art, TV and drama workshops and of course a swimming pool.
We personalise co-curricular offerings based on learner and parent preferences, as well as community availability. We regularly adjust co-curricular offerings based on feedback. Parents sign up for their children each term using an online booking system and payment is made in the middle of the term.