Our learners have the opportunity to pursue sports beyond the classroom as an extra-curricular activity.
The Nexus PE Department aims to empower individuals through quality physical education in order to contribute to the development of a healthy Nexus community. We strive to create an environment that allows each learner to maximise their ability and ambitions in sport. All sporting activities that learners participate in incorporate high levels of physical activity, learning and the opportunity for each learner to be successful.

The PE department contributes to the development of children’s fundamental movement skills and physical competences which are necessary for lifelong participation in sport. The sporting program at Nexus supports the development of social skills, self-esteem, academic and cognitive development.
Sporting opportunities exist for our learners in Early years through to Year 13 IB learners. Early years learners receive three PE lessons a week as well as having various opportunities to attend sporting classes after school. At Nexus we believe it is vital that our youngest learners get the opportunity to develop basic fundamental sporting skills as soon as possible.
Our sports program plays an important role in the school life of each Nexus learner. The PE department aims to install values of self-confidence, discipline and teamwork which can be applied to a classroom setting and into later life. Each learner is encouraged to embrace a variety of challenges in order to maximise their potential.

We endeavour to develop all of our learners ability in sport but equally are keen to ensure that a broad range of activities and opportunities are offered to each learner regardless of their aptitude and ability. Regular inter-house competitions in a variety of activities allow each learner to experience competitive sport, while a full fixture list stretches the more experienced performers. 

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