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Progress and Pathways at PTLC

Progress and Pathways at PTLC
Nov 8, 2017
Every academic year, the Nexus teachers will come together to strengthen their partnership with parents and learners at the Parent-Teacher Learning Conversation (PTLC). Last week, the focus was on Year 7 learners and their performance in school. The open platform united both teachers and parents who then chatted about their learner’s progress in the classroom.

The main highlight of PTLC was the conversation that explored their learner’s strengths, skills and personal development. From academic growth to social progression, both parents and teachers exchanged notes on refining and personalising their learner’s journey at Nexus. Their subject teachers also shared some insights and guidance about their learner’s future subjects and pathways.

All in all, we had a productive and engaging meeting at the PTLC. We would like to thank all Year 7 parents and learners for spending their time with us!