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What a week for the Performing Arts at Nexus!

Nov 25, 2016
Through live performance, learners also gain the courage to express themselves as well as developing a love for, and understanding of, the vibrancy and power of music and drama to colour and enrich the overall human experience. It remains our commitment to give our Nexus learners a platform for expression and learning through the performing arts. This has been a big and busy week in our Performing Arts wing at Nexus, as well as for our Secondary learners. 

On Wednesday evening, an appreciative, discerning audience enjoyed the Year 11 IGCSE Drama group’s live performances. These were two short pieces that the learners had interpreted and directed themselves: Shakers by John Godber set in a cocktail bar where four chirpy young waitresses reveal the lives of its staff and customers and offer snatched glimpses into their hopes, dreams and disappointments; and, DNA by Dennis Kelly which gradually reveals through their panicked dialogue what a gang of thuggish teens have done to one of their ‘friends’ and how they plan to try and cover it up. The acting was very good and, although tension was high as the performances were being recorded,  all the students impressed with many strong standouts over the two well-staged plays.

As if that weren’t enough drama for you, throughout the day, Year 8 had spent all their lessons on Wednesday in the capable hands of our visiting practitioners from the KL Players Shakespeare Company. They were working on ‘blocking’ scenes for their interpretation of The Tempest. Fittingly, the skies darkened and Nexus was engulfed in its own brief tropical tempest at the end of the day. It had been a fruitful, if warm, day for the Year 8 learners who had enjoyed the experience of working with the visiting experts. We look forward to seeing the finished performances.

Thursday’s Year 10 & 11 IGCSE Music Lunchtime Recital was a wonderful occasion with the exam candidates all performing their pieces before a live audience whilst being recorded. Iman spoke for all the performers when she belted out a crowd favourite “First I was afraid, I was petrified…”; however, every learner gave their all with many stunning highlights from voice, to piano, saxophone, electric guitar, cajon and a dazzling ukulele performance from Jun Wei.

The headlines were not all about those on stage though. I have been impressed and encouraged by how wonderfully the Year 10 & 11 performers have been supported by their classmates. The audience for the Music Recital, as Mr Tim announced on Thursday, was the largest ever. Every student received cheers and deserved applause from the grateful and happy crowd. It was so good to see some parents scattered among the throngs. Similarly for the after-school drama productions, although seating had to be limited due to space.

To paraphrase the great bard himself, this week it has seemed that all of Nexus is a stage, and the learners merely players!