Community Outreach Program – FunGates Superflow Soup Kitchen

Monday, June 17, 2019
As part of our Community Outreach Program, we had the opportunity to volunteer at the FunGates Superflow Soup Kitchen in Jinjang Utara last Saturday.
It was a relatively early start as some boarders along with Mr Dan, Ms Jasmin and Ms Caoimhe left at 8am for something that was new to many. On arrival we were greeted by the amazing voluntary team who operate the soup kitchen six days a week. Our group was split into the food preparation team and the set-up team after we were briefed about what we were to do throughout the day.
The food preparation team washed, chopped and prepared all of the food ready to be cooked by the two super chefs who were cooking on multiple big pots and in huge woks to get all the food ready in time for serving.
The set-up team were responsible for washing tables, chairs, windows and setting up the serving station in time for when the guests arrived. 
After everything was ready we had a quick team meeting as the voluntary staff shared with us their experiences, the joys, the challenges, what to expect and how much food to serve for each person. We were instructed to be extremely generous with food portions. After the briefing, we were ready for service and as the doors opened a flow of people entered the building.
Half of us were on the serving counter piling plates while the other half served water, hot tea and food to the guests. The queue of people seemed to just keep growing as more guests arrived whilst the team worked hard to keep up with the demand of those waiting for their meal to be served. It was an incredible day of hard work but very rewarding. We served over 350 people during that single service and one of the most fun parts was talking to those who visited the Soup Kitchen.
The amazing work that the Soup Kitchen volunteers do every week is truly commendable, and we are just thankful we were able to help out and we look forward to coming back again next term.
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