Rubbish Collection a worthwhile project on Sunday morning

Monday, May 13, 2019
As part of Boarding’s Community Outreach Program, a mixture of boarders went litter picking around the local community. Almost 10 kilograms of rubbish was collected from the streets, paths, walkways and park areas as we all aim to contribute to look after our local community.
Those who participated all agreed that keeping the neighbourhood clean was a worthwhile project that they all want to continue on at least a monthly basis.

Mr Dan and Ms Jasmin travelled with the boarders to 1Utama last weekend for some to test their surfing skills at FlowRider. The competitiveness of those who surfed was evident and it was great to see many first timers have a go and improve throughout the afternoon.

On return, many visited the Putrajaya Ramadan Bazaar to pick up all sorts of local delicacies to enjoy together at iftar and to complete a busy day, the Boarding Council organised a game of Play-Doh Pictionary for everyone. The rules were simple - one person from each team had to guess the object that their team members made using only play-doh. There was some extraordinary artwork, fabulous cooperation and plenty of laughs.

Finally, the Singles’ Pool Competition which has proved popular was completed on Tuesday evening. There were eighteen competitors who played over the course of a month with some exceptional pool being played and also a few upsets wins along the way. A tense final took place in a sibling rivalry between Carter and Ayla, which the elder Looms’ (Ayla) narrowly won in a best of three game fixture. Well done to everybody who participated.

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