Term 1 Week 1

Friday, August 21, 2020
It has been fantastic welcoming boarders back into our community after much disruption over the last few months.

Our Year 13 boarders returned a week early so that they could partake in their mid-course exams, and last Sunday we welcomed over thirty more boarders into the house, including those new to boarding - Joseph, Navneet, Marco and Anais. We look forward to seeing most of our international boarders rejoining us in the next couple of weeks.

To ensure safe physical distancing, room allocation and mealtimes for everybody proved to be a strategic exercise, however all personnel in-house have been extremely responsive and patient.

Last month, houseparents met most of our IB learners for a celebratory lunch, after they had received their IB Diploma results. From the boarding house, not only was there Matin who scored a maximum of 45 points, but there were five others who scored more than 40 points. We also had some international boarders who achieved the IB Diploma, even though English is not their primary language. Congratulations to all of our IB boarders.

Our get-together was also an opportunity for staff to farewell and thank our senior leavers for their positive contribution throughout their time here with us.

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