Term 1 Week 10 19/20

Friday, November 22, 2019
On Saturday morning, many of our boarders enjoyed a bit of ‘down time’. Some chose to play basketball, others enjoyed time spent watching films with their friends, whilst a few used the fitness suite. Those wanting some fresh air joined Ms Gill on a walk to the village to pick up some things from the shops.

Dialogue in the Dark
In the afternoon our boarders headed out to ‘Dialogue in the Dark,’ which gave them the opportunity to experience and understand the feeling of being blind. During the activity, our sight was taken away from us and we were led through specially constructed dark rooms by our guide, who was in fact blind himself. Each room conveyed a different daily environment such as the park, market, shopping mall and going to a café, and in each we were given scenarios to make us think about how someone without their sight might cope, or what barriers they may face. The boarders had a fantastic time and got a lot out of the experience, many expressing their new found respect for those who can not see and acknowledging how difficult it may be for them day to day.

In the evening we enjoyed a takeaway dinner together and it definitely didn’t take long for the pizza and KFC chicken to disappear! Following dinner Jassylyn from Hampshire Floor planned some activities for our younger boarders. A competitive game of charades and a very messy ‘find the mentos’ game saw Brandon, Matthew, Ma Wang, Jackie and Tony eventually come out as the victorious team.

Tzu Chi Recyling Centre
Sunday morning saw our Year 12 & 13’s along with Izzah and Isidora from Year 10 visit the Tzu Chi Recycling Centre. Following a talk about recycling from the volunteers, the group helped to sort and separate recyclable items, displaying splendid teamwork.

It was another busy, but very enjoyable weekend in the boarding house!

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