Term 1 Week 11 19/20

Friday, November 29, 2019
Family Fun Day
Boarders who stayed in last weekend all attended the Family Fun Day. The Boarding Council, led by Aisya organised face painting, petanque and frisbee throwing, and it was pleasing to see Zoe, Fatimah, Melinda, Aisya, Alia and Ayman entertain everybody by busking throughout the morning.

In the afternoon, we made a trip to the cinema to watch Charlie’s Angels, and after dinner Matin from Martin Floor organised a game of Playdough Pictionary for the house to play, with some very interesting playdough sculptures made.

Christmas Decoration
On Sunday, following our regular shopping trips to IOI mall, some boarders helped Ms Bobby decorate our common room with Christmas decorations. Wrapping the christmas tree with lights, hanging candy canes on the tree, and listening to some traditional Christmas songs really had everybody in the festive season spirit.

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